Head Instructor biography - Master Ryan Neuman

As a leader in the field of Modern Urban Self Defense.  Ryan teaches an approach and system of  Modern Self Defense that utilizes empty hand arts ( Filipino Boxing ) and Self Defense Weapons based training highlighting his understanding of Practical application.  While blending Jujitsu techniques with the flow and power of Filipino Latsoa Escrima, Ryan applies necessary skills from each system for his brand of self defense.  Ryan Neuman's expertise with weaponry enhances his application of defense strategies in life threatening situations.   

Leun Ying Kenpo

Hawaiian Chinese Kenpo (5 Clawed Dragon)

4th Degree Black Belt

Head Instructor Ryan NEuman

Marin SDS

Filipino Escrima  and Hawaiin Jujitsu


Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Hawaiian Jujitsu

3rd Degree Black Belt

Latosa Escrima

Filipino Latosa Escrima  Master Level

 Direct Student   

Grand Master

Rene Latosa